Album Review: Bring Me the Horizon’s “There is a Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There is a Heaven Let’s Keep It A Secret

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

On October 5, metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon released their third full length album There is a Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There is a Heaven Lets Keep It a Secret. Bring Me The Horizon is slowly turning into one of the most popular bands in their genre thanks to their wild live performances and nonstop touring. This summer, they played on the main stage of Warped Tour 2010, which is a very big deal and a huge accomplishment. This album is only going to give them an even bigger push in popularity and establish them as one of the best metal bands around.

Bring Me The Horizon wanted to mix up their sound a little bit on this album and that is exactly what they did. In addition to the heavy riffs, thundering drums, and the trademark scream of frontman Oliver “Oli” Sykes, the band added more electronic soundscapes, orchestral melodies, and choirs. The album also features some mellow songs, which is uncharacteristic of the band. The album also features guest vocals from electro-pop singer Lights, You Me At Six lead singer Josh Franceschi, and screamer Josh Scogin. All the songs on the album were written by Oli Sykes and the lyrics are based on personal struggles he has had to deal with. In an interview with Alternative Press, Sykes said “The main idea isn’t about literal heaven and hell, but the heaven and hell inside of us”.

This album was also the first for new rhythm guitarist Jona Weinhofen, who joined the band in March 2009 after formed rhythm guitarist Curtis Ward decided to leave the band for personal reasons. Weinhofen brings a different element to the band and along with lead guitarist Lee Malia, the two shred it up and have a stellar performance on the album.

The band matured on this album, as they have improved in every area from their previous records. The lyrics, instrumentals, and the overall sound of the band has gotten so much better. All of this can be heard right off the bat with the opening song “Crucify Me”. The song sets the tone for the entire album with its amazing contrast. The tempo of the song goes from being aggressively heavy to a mellower sound, thanks to the help of a choir and the beautiful guest vocals of Lights.

On the first single off the album, “It Never Ends”, Malia and Weinhofen supply some heavy guitar riffs, in addition to a classical undertone and once again, a choir. The song sums up the theme of the album and you can just hear the passion in Sykes’s voice as he sings the lyrics.

Lights is also featured another time on the album on the sad song “Don’t Go”. The song has a very melancholy tone to it and it is without a doubt the softest song the band has ever players, which shows the maturation of the band. Sykes’s has an outstanding performance on the track and it is definitely one of his best.

Not only did Sykes’s have a great performance on the album, but the rest of the band was impressive as well. On songs like “Anthem”, “Alligator Blood”, and “Home Sweet Hole”, the bands heavy sound of old can be heard. Drummer Matt Nichols keeps the tempos high with his quick drumming style, including the frequent use of a double bass peddle. Nichols and bass player Matt Kean helped set the stage for Malia and Weinofen electrifying riffs and Oli Sykes’s shrill singing.

You Me At Six’s lead singer Josh Franceschi sings guest vocals on what appears to be the next single of the album, in a track title “F***”. The song has a lot of meaning and is one of heaviest songs on the record. It deals with Sykes’s relationship problems of never being able to see his girlfriend.

The most passionate song on the album is a song called “Blacklist”. The song displays the skills of Nichols and Kean, as it is very bass and drum heavy. The song acknowledges the departure of former rhythm Curtis Ward and how he left the band. It is without a doubt the harshest song on the album and is brutal both musically and lyrically.

One of the most interesting pieces on this album was an instrumental song title “Memorial”. The song consists of a constant pulse with some electric sounds in addition to it, along with some other chords. It gives a nice little intro into the next song called “Blessed With A Curse”. Sykes’s is once again on the top of his game with this song and the contrast of heavy and light can be seen here again.

The album concludes with a fast paced closer, with the help of metal singer Josh Scogin. This song is one that metal fans will bang their heads to and both Sykes and Grogin growl leads to a bang of a conclusion to an outstanding album.

Bring Me The Horizon have evolved with the release of There is a Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There is a Heaven Lets Keep in a Secret. They are definitely coming into their own with this record and their popularity is slowly starting to rise. Their album debuted at #17 overall on the U.S. Billboard chart, which is an impressive feat for a metal band. It is only a matter of time before these guys will be considered kings of the metal world and will be able to establish themselves as one of the most successful bands around.


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